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Vegan energy bar (figs, tahini, verbena, pistachios) Benefeat 50g

Vegan energy bar (figs, tahini, verbena, pistachios) Benefeat 50g

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EON's Benefeat Snacks are an innovative new line of functional snacks - the world's first and only - featuring Greek herbs that support health and well-being.

Benefeat are handcrafted, raw, vegetarian nutritional snacks for mental and physical stimulation and energy in a natural way. They contain figs, dates, nuts, oats, fiber, whole grain sorghum tahini and Greek herb extracts which are concentrated using a special method to retain maximum beneficial properties and nutritional value.

This fruit-based bar | Verbena | Ideal after exercise, strenuous activity or work
Verbena is a therapeutic herb, it acts as both a sedative and a tonic, and that's exactly the Benefeat snack. Relaxing, detoxifying, antioxidant and healing. It stimulates the nervous system, relieves the damage caused by stress. It acts as an anxiolytic, against nervousness and increases resistance to stress, which makes it ideal after intense physical or mental activity.

From their first year on the market, Benefeat snacks have distinguished themselves in the taste and quality competitions, AFFA 2021 and Specialist Awards 2021, winning a total of 5 awards in their respective categories and two taste stars (2/3)!
Specifically, one gold (with a rating of 94/100), two silver and two bronze.

Artisanal and nutritious handmade Greek herbs for energy after exercise or intense mental work.

vegan, natural

Ingredients: Fig, dates, wholegrain tahini (sesame), gluten-free oats (organic cultivation), Aegina pistachio, natural louiza herb extract, natural lemon extract, oat fibre, sea salt.

Rich in dietary fiber.

No preservatives, colorings or additives, no added sugar and gluten-free.

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