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Individual chewing gum from Chios Elma without sugar

Individual chewing gum from Chios Elma without sugar

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Sugar-free Greek chewing gum with Chios mastiha and mastic oil

Chios mastic is a basic ingredient of ELMA chewing gum. It is a natural resin known since antiquity by the peoples of the eastern Mediterranean, who chewed it to have clean teeth and fresh breath. It was the first natural chewing gum from the ancient world, which is still used today!

the chewing gum from Chios, due to its particular taste and its relative hardness, causes a greater stimulation of saliva. It thus gives a feeling of freshness and purity in the mouth, while contributing to the treatment of problems of dry mouth.

Ingredients: Sweeteners: (sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol), Gum base (antioxidant: extract rich in tocopherols), Chios mastic (5%), Humectant: Glycerin, aromatic substances (Chios mastic oil, menthol), thickener: gum arabic, colorant: titanium dioxide, glaze: carnation wax, beeswax, chelate. May contain traces of soy.

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