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Extra virgin olive oil (early harvest) limited edition from Corfu (The Governor) 50ml

Extra virgin olive oil (early harvest) limited edition from Corfu (The Governor) 50ml

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The Governor Tasting Experience

Age of olive trees: +500 years

This olive oil is produced drop by drop with meticulous care, it is a limited edition, from an early harvest, with full of concentrated benefits!

It is scientifically proven to contain up to ten times more polyphenols than conventional olive oil. Polyphenols are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant molecules, and much more.

"Olive Fabrica" ​​is the traditional trademark of the Dafnis family on the island of Corfu, a brand born from the desire to redefine Greek olive oil in the international market and to raise consumer awareness.

Corfu, with around 4.5 million olive trees of a single perennial variety, was infamous for making the worst olive oil in the country. So, in 2011, the Dafnis family tried to

break this negative reputation by offering another variety of olive oil, more elaborate, worked from an unknown but secular variety of fruit: the Lianolia of Corfu.

Bet won, the family managed to build the identity of an EXCEPTIONAL extra virgin olive oil. The first monovarietal olive oil from Corfu. It is now among the most awarded Greek olive varieties in the Premium category with a total of 22 international awards in the last 5 years.
The first gold olive oil in the biggest international competition
among 565 olive oils from around the world with a health claim and a
world record for oleocanthal-oleacin concentration.

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