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Organic Kozani saffron in pistils (Krokos) 2gr

Organic Kozani saffron in pistils (Krokos) 2gr

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(Crocus sativus)

Pistil in vase

The history of saffron begins in the East. There are reports of the use of this plant in Asia Minor as well as in ancient Egypt where it was used by Queen Cleopatra and other pharaohs as an aromatic and seductive substance. Its use was also widespread in temples and sacred places as an aromatic substance. The use of saffron can be found in Minoan and Classical Greece where it was used as an aromatic and as a colorant. There are frescoes depicting saffron flowers in the excavations of Minoan palaces. Also characteristic is the fresco of crocus pickers exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. The ancient Greeks also knew about the medicinal properties of saffron, which was used to combat insomnia and the unpleasant effects of wine intoxication. It was also used as a perfume in baths and as an aphrodisiac. The Arabs used saffron as an anesthetic and it was they who brought it to Spain in the tenth century. It was a key ingredient on which the Venetian Empire was built, as it was one of the centers of trade. Today, it is used worldwide in confectionery, baking and various dishes.


Saffron Lemonade

100ml of sugar or a little less according to your taste

6 threads of saffron

1000ml cold water

8 mint leaves


Bring the water to a boil.

Then remove from the heat, add the sugar and saffron and let the mixture cool.

Add the lemon juice and stir.

Once the liquid is cool enough to handle, add the lemon zest and stir again. Add ice cubes and mint.

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