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Organic sage from Olympia 10g

Organic sage from Olympia 10g

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(Salvia triloba L.)

In antiquity, sage was dedicated by the Greeks and Romans to the god Zeus. It was used for its healing properties. Dioscorides, Hippocrates, Galinius and Aetius mentioned it as a tonic for the mind and body as well as a remedy for snakebites.

In ancient Greece, sage was also believed to boost fertility and women drank it when their husbands returned from war.

Traditional properties:

Traditionally, sage is used in infusion to fight colds, since it is disinfectant and expectorant, these properties make it suitable for treating the mouth in case of wounds, mouth ulcers, pharyngitis and against gingivitis especially when used gargled with apple cider vinegar. It is believed to help with memory, profuse sweating, numbness of the stomach and intestines and is a diuretic.

Its use by epileptics and pregnant women is not recommended.

Use in Greek cuisine:

Sage has a peppery taste and is used in cooking mainly to flavor meat dishes, especially heavier ones such as pork, game or sausages, but it is also used in the composition of pies, soups, meats whites, fish and pasta. It can be brilliantly combined with rosemary and used to flavor oil and vinegar. It should be used with care because it is easy to put too much.

Origins: village of Smila

Net weight: 10g  

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