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Tsipouro O/purist (Greek grappa - grape brandy) 70cl

Tsipouro O/purist (Greek grappa - grape brandy) 70cl

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O/PURIST tsipouro is an exquisite and innovative grape brandy.

It is a double-distilled product, which brings together the elements of traditional Greek tsipouro - the art and passion of the Greek countryside people and the cultural heritage - all of which make it a world-class spirit.

During the first distillation, the grapes of three varieties - Malagouzia, Roditis and Ugni Blanc - are distilled in multiple redistillation stills at a slow pace for 10 hours. The mixture is placed in a traditional copper still where the second distillation of the brandy takes place, in the presence of herbs, fruits and Greek spices: onion, cumin, blueberry, gorchis, quince, bark lemon, orange, grapefruit, as well as carob, arboriza, angelica root, anise, fennel and cinnamon. O/purist is the project of 10 leading Greek bartenders, with the vision to produce a new tsipouro, a fine spirit for the modern bar scene and the basis for creating excellent signature cocktails.

42% alc

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

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