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Extra virgin olive oil PDO (variety of Màkri) 100ml

Extra virgin olive oil PDO (variety of Màkri) 100ml

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This olive oil is effortlessly "cold" extracted, through all the process, under controlled temperature and without using water.

This is what makes it elegant and unique !

The final product is thick and turbid due to lack of filtering. It is rich in organoleptic characteristics, moderately fruity and rich in bioactive ingredients such as vitamins, polyphenols and fatty acids. Intense aromas of fruits such as banana, mango, pear and floral aromas blend discreetly with tomato, grass and olive leaf tones, creating a harmonious and "sweet" olive oil with an aftertaste long.

An excellent choice for seasoning your dishes or cooking, for a healthy and delicious result!

Origin Màkri-Alexandroupoli Northern Greece

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