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Candied kumquat from Corfu in bites

Candied kumquat from Corfu in bites

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Corfu's must-try dessert!

Lazaris is a small family business that produces sweets refined dishes typical of this magnificent island, homemade from fresh local kumquat.

To be enjoyed with your coffee or to give flavor to your yogurt. Also ideal for decorating or accompanying your cakes.

Rich in vitamins, this healthy delicacy has been consumed in Greece since the 19th century.

Nutritional value:

Per 100g.

Energy 293Kcal/1232KJ

Fats (including saturated) 0.2g (0.0g)

Carbohydrates (including sugars) 72.1g (69.5g)

Edible fiber (G) 0.4g

Protein 0.8g

Salt 0.08g

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