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Organic honey from the island of Crete (thyme) 400g

Organic honey from the island of Crete (thyme) 400g

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An excellent quality honey straight from Crete.

The small Cretan family business of beekeeping Fylladitakis has been producing real organic honey from thyme and the Erica shrub for nearly 50 years.

Second-generation beekeeper Pavlos Fylladitakis grew up with an uncompromising eco-responsible philosophy. Today at the head of the family business, he aspires to continue producing excellent quality honey using only traditional Cretan production methods.

Thanks to the commitment of the producer to make the most of this blessed Cretan land, the result is incomparable.

Storage advice:

Fylladitakis honey is neither heated nor filtered which means it still contains all of its nutrients unlike most honeys on the market.

This can therefore lead to natural crystallization a few months after harvest. You can soak it in a bain-marie at 45°C for 15' and it will regain its initial appearance.

Directions for use*:

A spoon of honey in a cup of herbal tea with Greek mountain tea (tsai tou vounou) or on your Greek yogurt;)

We love it!!!

*Reuse the jar to condition your pistachios, dried fruits or other....

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