The Story

Kipiadi History
Kipiadi "little garden" (in the local language of the Ionian Islands) is a collection of Greek and gourmet products selected for you by Alexis (me) French-Greek and keen on gastronomy.
I passionately select my products from small producers, organic or eco-conscious, who evolve with the seasons and desires.
Since I was very young, when I returned to Greece from a trip to France I was always bringing back with me unique French snacks in my suitcase to enjoy with friends...
Conversely, when I moved to France in 2010, I started bringing back from Greece, which is so precious to me, things like olive oil, olives and much more .
Sharing is very important to me and nothing makes me happier than seeing those around me take real pleasure in tasting my cuisine with the products I have selected.
Obviously, 10 years after I moved to France, I wanted to turn this experience into a profession to help as many people as possible discover this gastronomic wealth
I am therefore constantly looking for products from an eco-responsible approach and with real nutritional value, throughout Greece, to offer the best of this Mediterranean treasure.
We are what we eat as Hippocrates said and my selection is the representation of it.

Elliniki Mesogeiaki Kouzina Diatrofi Istoria