All our homemade preparations:

(Exclusively in our store in Rouen)

To share:

- Homemade Tzatziki
- Organic homemade tirokafteri (ORGANIC PDO feta tapenade with chili pepper )
- Homemade tarama (taramosalata) (every Wednesday)
- Homemade fava (a type of yellow split pea hummus) accompanied by candied cherry tomatoes and red onion pickles.
- Homemade Melidzanosalata (eggplant caviar).
- Homemade ORGANIC gigandes (giant beans simmered in the oven with tomato sauce) (don't forget the feta as an accompaniment ;)).

Our homemade tarts:

- Homemade Spanakopita (organic spinach and feta tart & xinomizithra from Crete *)
* slightly tangy fermented fresh cheese from Crete.
- Homemade Tomato & ORGANIC PDO feta tart, basil (homemade dough with extra virgin olive oil, organic flour and Greek yogurt, ORGANIC PDO feta condiment, Greek (cow's) yogurt and new yellow & red tomatoes, balsamic vinegar cream with organic orange from Crete (during tomato season).
- Homemade PDO organic feta open tart, Kalamata olives, dried tomatoes, oregano (homemade dough with extra virgin olive oil, organic flour and Greek yogurt)
- Pantzaropita (open tart with homemade dough without butter with extra virgin olive oil, beets, organic PDO feta, walnuts, thyme and organic balsamic cream from Crete.
- Tiropita with Kalamata olives (closed pie, organic PDO feta, oregano, Kalamata olives, and mint).
- Thin zucchini tart without dough, accompanied by Greek yogurt (cow's) and fresh mint.

The comfort and not to share :):

- Traditional homemade moussaka light version ;) or vegetarian version.
- Gemista - Greek stuffed tomatoes (during tomato season)
- Homemade pastitsio (¨Greek lasagna¨)
- Papoutsakia (Eggplants stuffed with beef & pork and béchamel sauce).
- Youvetsi (beef simmered in red wine, marrow bones, carrots, tomato sauce, onions, accompanied by small kritharaki pasta->bird tongues cooked in the sauce).
- Chickpea soup, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil (in winter) or lentil soup.
(Do not hesitate to contact us if you need preparation that is not on the menu)

Desserts (depends of the mood and the season or on order):

- Karidopita (cake with walnuts, cinnamon, cloves & cinnamon-infused syrup)
- Portokalopita (orange cake & orange syrup)
- Galaktobouriko (cake with milk cream, semolina and syrup infused with lemon and cinnamon)
- Rizogalo (rice pudding and cinnamon)
- Homemade pasteli (Greek energy bar with sesame seeds and honey (no added sugar)
* Catering preparations are made every week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays depending on the arrival of the market gardener with fresh products .
**For whole pies, you can pre-order at
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