Preparations of the week:

(Exclusively in our store in Rouen)

-Homemade Tzatziki – €5.80/200g

-Organic homemade tirokafteri (ORGANIC PDO feta tapenade seasoned with chilli and sweet red pepper) – €6.90/200g

- Homemade tarama (taramosalata) – €11.14/250g (Wednesday)

-Horiatiki - homemade Greek salad with organic Menikio PDO feta, Kalamata olives. - €5 per bowl (Wednesday and Friday)

- Homemade Spanakopita (organic spinach and feta tart & xinomizithra from Crete *) * fresh cheese from Crete, fermented, a little tangy – €5/part or €8 for ¼ tart.

- Kolokithopita, ORGANIC PDO feta zucchini tart, fresh mint and walnuts, garlic and minty extra virgin olive oil, homemade dough with extra virgin olive oil and Greek yogurt €7.50/part or €12 per ¼ of a tart – €7.50 per slice or €12 for ¼ of a tart.

-Revithia-baked chickpeas with smoked paprika, lemon sauce with tahini (sesame) from the island of Chios, spring onion and parsley.

- Pastitsio (Greek ¨lasagna¨ with good beef from the butcher) €9.50/part

- Homemade vegetable moussaka light version ;) homemade béchamel – 11€/part (limited quantity)

- Lemonopita (lemon cake & lemon juice syrup) €7/part (Thursday)

- Melomakaronopita (organic Greek honey cakes from nomadic beekeeping, nuts, cinnamon and cloves – €6.40/200g (Wednesday)

Καλή Όρεξη - Bon appetit

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