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Lesvos artisanal dry mastic tears liqueur 70cl

Lesvos artisanal dry mastic tears liqueur 70cl

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The mastic plant, Chinos (Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia), is an evergreen shrub 2 to 3 meters tall that lives for more than 100 years.

Before the process begins, weeds, leaves and soil are removed from the area. Then, we proceed to "bleaching", that is to say we cover the cleaned earth with white earth, finely sifted, collected in the surroundings of the island of Lesvos (Chios), so that she is ready to receive the putty tears. Shrub carving, or "embroidery", is an art that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. A sharp tool, the "embroiderer", is used.

The harvest must be completed before the first rains and processing continues at home. The putty is sifted to remove leaves and soil and washed with a natural olive oil-based soap. Large and medium tears are cleaned with a knife or needle before being delivered to the market.

Here we have a very elegant and aromatic distillation of mastic extract with a sweet and very fresh aftertaste.

Drink very chilled as a digestive, in a liqueur glass or in an after-dinner cocktail.

30% alc

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.


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