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Artisanal ouzo from Mytiliti 700ml

Artisanal ouzo from Mytiliti 700ml

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Mytilini ouzo from the island of Mytilini/Lesvos is inspired by local recipes and raw materials, and is the traditional ouzo from the EVA distillery. Tasty and very traditional, whose aroma transports us to the habits and tastes of another era.

During production, a double distillation process is followed, during which fruits, aromatic herbs and roots are distilled successively. Its characteristic intense aroma comes from the distillation of citrus fruits, ginger, coriander, cardamom, star anise and Lisvori anise on the island of Lesvos, which gives it its intense character.

For ouzo lovers, it is recommended pure for the emergence of its intense aromas. With the addition of ice water, it changes character and whets the appetite for a meze.

How to serve Mytilini ouzo:
In a low glass (cannonball), add ouzo and cold water in a ratio of 50-50. Optionally add ice cubes.

40% alc

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.


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